Prof. dr. Pim Valkenberg (Washington)

Poverty and Asceticism in Islam Theology and Spirituality  The lecture will give a survey of the meaning of poverty in the sources of Islamic theology and spirituality. The Qur’an describes God in his sovereignty as being “rich” and “without need” while human beings are in need of existence. On the other hand, the Qur’an also polemicizes with Jews who are described as saying that they are rich while God is poor. After a survey of the meaning of the terms “poverty” in its literal and metaphorical senses in Islamic theology and spirituality, the lecture will conclude by discussing an interesting modern example of an Islamic movement that pairs public endorsement of capitalism to personal poverty and asceticism.
Prof.dr. W. Valkenberg
Professor of Religion and Culture
The Catholic University of America
School of Theology and Religious Studies

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