Dr. Jos Phillips (Utrecht)

Poverty, Global Justice and Human Rights: Philosophical Reflections

This talk will elaborate on the conceptualisation of poverty,  especially in relation to any role that the concept may have in relation to (global) justice and human rights. The guiding thought is that, generally speaking, an adequate conceptualisation of poverty has to be ‘phenomenologically’ adequate as well as being fit for roles that can, with good reason, be envisaged for the concept. In the case of poverty, genuinely political dimensions should be mentioned explicitly: one can expect a conception of poverty to become a pawn in certain political games. In light of all this, what should we make of –say– absolute/relative, subjective/objective, uni-/ multidimensional, and material/spiritual conceptualisations of poverty? And in what sense should we regard freedom from poverty as a (human) right or as a demand of (global) justice? These issues will be central to the talk.

Dr. J. Phillips
Lecturer Ethics
University of Utrecht
Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies