Franciscan Study Centre


Franciscan Study Centre Utrecht

The Franciscan Study Centre is a scientific institute con- ducting research and teaching in Franciscan spirituality, theology and history. The staff members of FSC are concerned with the question of how the charisma of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi can be prolific in the modern world: in contemporary thought, in faith and in the practice of everyday life.

Which paths and patterns should we follow in life? Is there true fulfillment in a life with possessions, and in a life without them? What is more helpful to today’s leaders: vulnerability or invulnera- bility? How can efficient care be attentive care? The answer to these and similar questions can be found in Franciscan values. Brotherhood, poverty and peacefulness can be inspirational sour- ces for all and especially those who are working as communica- tors, leaders and managers.

The Franciscan Study Centre offers lectures, workshops, confe- rences, seminars and courses on the original meaning and con- temporary value of Franciscan spirituality.



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