Dr. Louke van Wensveen (Brummen)

Poverty Analysis from a Bumblebee Perspective

In the month of April, the bumblebee returns to visit the ground ivy that covers the paths and uncultivated spots in my permaculture garden. Every time I see how happily the bumblebee hums and dances on this violet carpet, I am reminded that bare soil—the pride of many a vegetable gardener—spells deprivation to a bumblebee. This example shows how, by contemplating wealth in an ecological praxis, one can cultivate a more inclusive understanding of poverty. For not only the bumblebee, but also many other organisms and their communities, human and nonhuman, experience material and immaterial deprivation as a result of the unsustainable practices of today’s dominant civilization. This is the status quo at the beginning of the Anthropocene, quite shameful as a design failure, yet visible to human eyes guided by the humble, hopeful bumblebee.


Dr. L. van Wensveen
Stichting Uniflourish
Zegerijstraat 36, 6971 ZP Brummen