Dr. Frans Dokman (Nijmegen),

Money and Missionary Congregations: The Cultural DimensionsIn their concern about working for a better world and spreading of the Christian faith, international religious orders and congregations do meet with cultural diversity also within their own communities. Especially missionary congregations are used to an intercultural composition. Within cultures people learn and acquire positive as well as negative values which they internalize and which thus influence their acting, thinking and feeling. These, often unconscious, values are called cultural dimensions. Recognizing these dimensions can serve as basis for mutual understanding. The five cultural dimensions which point to the characteristics of cultures are: dealing with time, individualism vs. collectivism, avoidance of uncertainties, masculinity vs. femininity, hierarchy-equality. These cultural dimensions express our acts, thoughts and feelings, also in relation to money. In this lecture Dr. Frans Dokman shares about the ways money is influencing intercultural relations within missionary congregations.

Dr. F. Dokman
Director & Senior Researcher
Radboud University
Nijmegen Institute for Mission Studies